Trainings & Workshops

A collaborative effort to provide professionals with goal setting, team building, planning, and decision making skills to empower teach and inspire leadership skills in workgroups and communities. Participants will receive interactive training on the TRICS Training program a proprietary set of 5 modules

  • Trust – The ability to trust your team members, workgroups and management staff.
  • Respect – The ability to hold the public, your team members and administrators in high regard.
  • Integrity – The ability to walk and talk with an aligned set of “ positive” principles and values
  • Consistency – Building Trust, Respect and Integrity through consistent behaviors and habits.
  • Self Esteem – Ability to feel good about yourself and others through positive impact in work group, teams and communities.

Sessions are interactive, engaging in a participatory workshop format designed to provide added support structure and powerful coaching moments.

* Supplies and binder materials are available upon request.

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