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Your Life Has Purpose

Making the best of your life is your goal, your dreams,  your aspirations and goals can be fueled by specific actions to build your discipline confidence and motivation “Decades of Friendship” Darcell Hayes, Steve Sneed, Reco Bembry” coined this phrase into a program to assist thousands of children aim high, accomplish goals and objectives using the arts as a

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Healing Centers – Training

A model developed in Oakland California by our team of Recreation Professionals* efforts directed by Reco Bembry, Karis Griffin, Melvin Landry with the support of Director Audree Jones-Taylor, Mayor Ron Dellums and Council in Central East and West Oakland* this effort was developed in partnership with EBACY, Youth Uprising, Attitudinal Healing, City of Oakland staff

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Fitness is total system

How many of us meditate pray and work out daily? Remember your total body health is a trifecta, Mind, Body and Spirit. You can be physically strong and mentally weak, you can be an intellectual giant carrying hundreds of students but unable to lift your own body weight. You may be strong enough to lift

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