Program Development

Bembry Consulting Services (BCS) is a team of very talented associates providing innovation and creativity in the development of public and private enterprise.

With over 25 years of strategic planning, budgeting and management experience, we will provide the experience required to meet your goals and objectives. BCS has an exemplary track record of success in community non-governmental agencies and small business development.

BCS supports values clarification, visioning process, board development, fund development and strategic planning using, proprietary software and trainings to lead start up efforts and leadership responsibilities.

Our company works to engage your leadership team in strategic planning, grant writing, cultural competency training, visioning process and succession strategies.

Bembry Consulting believes in empowerment through creative strategies and building a powerful team through a solid ethic of working smarter using innovative management tools and systems which work in a multitude of challenging situations. Choose Bembry Consulting services to support you in becoming a winner.

BCS is instrumental in leading start up and program sustainability efforts for several local, regional and national organizations.

A short list of clients include City Year, Seattle King County, The National Recreation and Parks Association’s Urban Youth Initiative, The Late Night Recreation Program, CLEARCorps Pacific Northwest, University of Baltimore, Texas A&M University, THE City of Oakland and the National Youth Congress program.

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