Trust In describing trust what do you need to hold true to this value? Do you need proof? do you need a tangible sign to determine trust one to another.  Trust is one of the most important virtues in life, it is an action statement, I trust you, in God we trust, trust me. When [...]

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Make great strides in being you today, it's who God ordered you to be, it will get easy from there.....

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Attitude of Gratitude

Do we have an attitude of gratitude? or have we lost the sense of this dying social grace in our society? Is something else tainting our empathy and humility?   I just wonder! I recently received a text message not a phone call from both my son and grandson with request for resources " yes dollars" [...]

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Healing Centers – Training

A model developed in Oakland California by our team of Recreation Professionals* efforts directed by Reco Bembry, Karis Griffin, Melvin Landry with the support of Director Audree Jones-Taylor, Mayor Ron Dellums and Council in Central East and West Oakland* this effort was developed in partnership with EBACY, Youth Uprising, Attitudinal Healing, City of Oakland staff [...]

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A moment of silence

A moment of silence for those who continue to work with our youth your work is making a difference, a moment of silence for Chicago 500 murders too many, A moment of silence for those who lost loved ones this year, a moment of silence for the children who's parents won't come home, [...]

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The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male They all have one thing in common and that is, they have a charismatic personality, endowed with loads of confidence and dominance. Their body language exudes supreme confidence and sexuality in a positive manner. Their aura, it seems, acts as a magnet and pulls umpteen number of audience, no matter where they [...]

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