Live Your Best Life

  Make the best of your life, people will hurt you, family members will disappoint you, you may feel at times you're all alone but you must continue to live your best life.  You are a direct reflection of what God created in His/Her own image, live your best life, remember every negative or positive [...]

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Teen Depression

Teen Depression A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERSTeenage depression isn’t just bad moods and occasional melancholy—it’s a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s life. Teen depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing—even violence or suicide. But as a concerned parent, teacher, or friend, there are many ways [...]

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The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male They all have one thing in common and that is, they have a charismatic personality, endowed with loads of confidence and dominance. Their body language exudes supreme confidence and sexuality in a positive manner. Their aura, it seems, acts as a magnet and pulls umpteen number of audience, no matter where they [...]

Nepolean Hill – Master Keys of Success (Positive Mental Attitude) That which you do to or for another is that which you do to and for yourself Cultivate the sound of your voice - your voice is an open window by which people look into the windows of your soul you are the only person that can provide you with a positive mental attitude [...]

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Positive Mental Attitude

Gratitude and Appreciation The power of the sunrise and sunset  makes us marvel in the  beauty created by God  in nature, You were each given  gifts at birth that will allow you teh opportunity to accomplish anything your hearts desires with a positive mental attitude. Focus on what you and others do well and acknowledge and appreciate themfor their efforts. Thank [...]

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