Life worth living

As we age and mature in life we ponder is this life a life worth living?, my answer is ABSOLUTELY YES, there are often hurdles to leap, challenges to overcome, grief and loss, disappointments and sadness, however there are also multiple opportunities for joy, happiness, exploration, love, fun,  laughter and a host of amazing memories [...]

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What happens when you give every thing you have to a cause? What happens to the heroes and soldiers who fight individual battles on a field of some other mans dreams miles away from home? Where do the amazing leaders that stand in rays of light, the darkness of racism and the heat of controversy [...]

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American Denial

We must continue to have a dialogue and positive examination about Race, Class and Culture in America. American Denial is an examination of such dialogue.

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Integrity of Thought

Integrity starts with a thought, it ends with an action. How many times have you had a positive thought but did not act? Integrity is when what you say and what you do are the same. Integrity is an alignment of thought and action. Let's work hard to continue to align our positive [...]

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Building Integrity

You walk through life alone,   as a result of your actions you  will create shadows from your past and shade for the bright light of your future.  Integrity is responsibility in motion the face of accountability.  . Integrity is knowing your strengths and working on your weaknesses, Integrity exist  when what you do in the dark  [...]

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The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male They all have one thing in common and that is, they have a charismatic personality, endowed with loads of confidence and dominance. Their body language exudes supreme confidence and sexuality in a positive manner. Their aura, it seems, acts as a magnet and pulls umpteen number of audience, no matter where they [...]

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