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Live Your Best Life

  Make the best of your life, people will hurt you, family members will disappoint you, you may feel at times you're all alone but you must continue to live your best life.  You are a direct reflection of what God created in His/Her own image, live your best life, remember every negative or positive [...]

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Life worth living

As we age and mature in life we ponder is this life a life worth living?, my answer is ABSOLUTELY YES, there are often hurdles to leap, challenges to overcome, grief and loss, disappointments and sadness, however there are also multiple opportunities for joy, happiness, exploration, love, fun,  laughter and a host of amazing memories [...]

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Leadership – SelfCare

What are the true elements of leadership, is it required to have followers or just a clear vision, integrity, consistency and follow through. "Earn your way in Learn your way out"  This quote often does not make sense until you go through hardship and are searching for solutions, you see you earn your way into [...]

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restorative justice in action (Testimonials Oakland)

Restorative Justice Methodology LeaderShift Leadership Development This curriculum is organized into four days, eighteen and paired units designed to move youth from individual leaders through, groups, teams and them connecting their change to impact in their own communities. The Leadership Development workshops are a series of modules designed for the members to first explore themselves [...]

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Your Life Has Purpose

Making the best of your life is your goal, your dreams,  your aspirations and goals can be fueled by specific actions to build your discipline confidence and motivation "Decades of Friendship" Darcell Hayes, Steve Sneed, Reco Bembry" coined this phrase into a program to assist thousands of children aim high, accomplish goals and objectives using the arts as a [...]

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It was a long hot summer, staff and participants along with their families experienced record numbers of violent incidents of participants from the New Holly Community. Through all the difficulty, challenges and struggle of grief and loss, we managed to keep hundreds of children safe and engaged with caring adults, listen to the voices of [...]

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Late Night Recreation Featured at 1992 Democratic National Convention

National Attention Democratic National Convention 1992 http://www.c-span.org/video/?27100-1/american-crime-drug-issues In 1989 I was recruited to lead what stated as a local initiative to provide positive alternatives to youth in Seattle. Holly Miller, Former Superintendent placed faith and trust in a team of local community persons with limited knowledge of traditional recreation but a tremendous amount of passion [...]

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Youth in Crisis in America

Youth are in crisis in America, many scholars have stated, you can determine the civility of a nation based on how it treats it's children, we have a long way to go being the greatest national on earth when in fact our children are in crisis. take a look at the stats. https://youtu.be/LUo_BE9rdXQ

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Baltimore Riots

What options exist for youth promised a future without the resources to capture that future, what options exist for the small business person who invest in communities that fortune 500 companies consider high risk low value investment. https://youtu.be/_6ZVq2Fim8Q We stand by and watch with no sense of resolve or a tangible solution to this violence [...]

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Reverence for Life

As I ponder life I understand that my interaction in the world changes over time. Technology moves forward, language and the new complexity of communication moves forward, family and friends move forward so we to must move forward. Children grow into adults, adults grow into senior living environments and whats left is our own ability [...]

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