Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life


Make the best of your life, people will hurt you, family members will disappoint you, you may feel at times you’re all alone but you must continue to live your best life.  You are a direct reflection of what God created in His/Her own image, live your best life, remember every negative or positive scenario has a jewel of learning in it,  every doubter, every negative critic, every blockage creates an opportunity for you to gain strength and courage as you build your best life.

I live in Seattle Washington where we have a legendary reputation for rain, cloudy days and lack of sun, well surprise,we’ve not seen a significant amount of rain in months, the sun has been shinning for a record number of days, in-fact we’ve had one of the hottest summers on record, my learning, I’ve come to appreciate the moisture,the rain the cool breeze on summer on a summer day when it’s not here.  The rain in Seattle is like your life, enjoy it, appreciate it, love it and to those who doubt you, mistreat you, don’t believe in you remember,that’s a reflection of them not yo,  you were created in Gods image – you are a beautiful representation of the best in life, a perfect being waiting for the opportunity to live, share and enjoy your best life.  When they see you smile, laugh, enjoy and build, they too will be inspired to live their best lives as well.

Living happily provides the fuel to offset the negativity around you and inspire the greatness, the beauty, the love and compassion within you.  Many of you have worked your entire lives and feel unappreciated, overworked, used and overlooked – no more of that, live your best life, the best revenge you can possibly hand the external negative forces you pay so much attention to is to “live your best life, don’t worry about what people say, don’t worry about the hurt and pain of disappointments learn to forgive but never forget the greatest revenge to those who you believe caused you great pain is to live your best life.  Pursue your dream, your passion, your hobby, your favorite activity and you will begin to live your best life  “I will start today, how about you”

Let me know your perspective,we are in this together- Let’s Go





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