Leadership – SelfCare

Leadership – SelfCare

GIVING What are the true elements of leadership, is it required to have followers or just a clear vision, integrity, consistency and follow through.

“Earn your way in Learn your way out”  This quote often does not make sense until you go through hardship and are searching for solutions, you see you earn your way into any difficult situation and as a great leader you must learn your way out by listening to the advice and good will of others, they are out there you must be open to hearing what they have today .  Example, while attending a meeting and going through a very difficult time in my life a participant said and I quote ” if you’re talking your healing, if you’re listening you’re learning, that statement changed my life. When faced with difficulty I need to headland learn, the balance is what you want to learn in your own life as a leader.Many versions of leadership have emerged through out the century. Remember one needs to learn to lead themselves first. Many leaders get lost in leading others before paying close attention to leading themselves through the difficult journey called life.


Remember those of you who lead must care for yourself to insure you have the power, the energy, the internal resources to lead yourself before taking on the challenge of leading others. Your health and wellbeing is the most important, one must heal self before attempting to heal others. Take a moment , place your hand over your chest, close your eyes, think about (3) things you are grateful for, breathe, breathe, breathe, now ask yourself is that issue you’re so fired up about worth more than what you claim you’re grateful for? I didn’t think so…

Remember – Take the Highway to Success not the Dirt Road to failure you choose your path

Remember – It’s not what’s on you , it’s whats in you that counts others and yourself

Remember – Life is designed to display your gifts to the world as appreciation for the gift of life- Share your gifts

Remember – We love you, “act like it” if you don’t you will experience the alternate reality “Fake News – We hate you 

Remember – No one has the capacity to love you more than you love yourself…. Self Love is the starting point 


There are so many examples of great leaders who have ben pulled in multiple directions to insure that everyone around them is good while burning all the resources and internal energy required to care for themselves. Selfcare is critically important when struggling through the onset of illness, disease and related health challenges. We need you healthy to take on the stressors of fighting for justice, equity and undoing institutional racism.

Self care – the first Virtue of great Leadership.

“Show me a great Leader and I’ll show you someone who cares for themselves”



Self Care Self Clove Self Actualization – Now I’m ready to share with the world