Your Life Has Purpose

Your Life Has Purpose

Making the best of your life is your goal, your dreams,  your aspirations and goals can be fueled by specific actions to build your discipline confidence and motivationDecades of Friendship” Darcell Hayes, Steve Sneed, Reco Bembry” coined this phrase into a program to assist thousands of children aim high, accomplish goals and objectives using the arts as a medium for change.Belief in your self



Do not allow others to limit your capacity to live your best life.

Work towards your best life as though you have one day to live

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Yesterday has past, tomorrow is not promised, today is the present that’s why we call it a gift.

Its not what you feel, it’s how you deal that makes you heal  and that’s real

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I am “THAT’ I am, if I will it to be than it shall be

Pray, Meditate and Serve other it will serve you well

Faith in something grater than yourself,

Love of family even when they lift or disappoint you

Communication with friends will build and heal you


Spend an hour in silence and listen to your heart


Build your mind and focus on the things you want to learn in life

Love yourself and  Love others

It’s not what happens to you in life it what you do about it