Baltimore Riots

Baltimore Riots

What options exist for youth promised a future without the resources to capture that future, what options exist for the small business person who invest in communities that fortune 500 companies consider high risk low value investment.

We stand by and watch with no sense of resolve or a tangible solution to this violence perpetuated by police officers, perpetuated by youth with no sense of a bright future, perpetuated by people locked into communities where for decades families have been struggling to live in a limited reality surrounded by violence, inadequate education and soaring unemployment. In the midst of this chaos is the lack of appropriate sense to protection and service echoed by law enforcement nationwide.


I’ve worked with communities all over the country and I’ve seen the same struggle city after city, community after community and I’m searching my soul to determine what I can do to make a difference. Communication starts with listening, allowing the voices of multiple communities to speak, learn grow and build together. We have to stand for justice, stand for healing, stand for dialogue, stand for lives that matter. Have communication with your neighbors,in the workplace, in your homes, the solution starts with us. What will you do to make our world a better place for young people, what will you do to spark change that leads to a more peaceful resolution?, what will we do together to stop the violence and increase the peace?

Lets search our hearts and minds, we have the power to change this from chaos to community, what will you do?