As I ponder life I understand that my interaction in the world changes over time. Technology moves forward, language and the new complexity of communication moves forward, family and friends move forward so we to must move forward. Children grow into adults, adults grow into senior living environments and whats left is our own ability to struggle with meaningful engagement and contribution to family and community. I’ve always had a reverence for life and a value for our contribution to the lives of others. As we grow in wisdom its important to realize that we all have contributions to make to uplift the lives of others, young people need the guidance of experience and wisdom to navigate the complexities of life, elders need a helping hand to transition into a place of comfort, retirement and a life without meaningful work and we need to care for ourselves.


As a business person and a program development specialist and organizer I’ve contributed to building programs, staff, family and community and feel blessed and proud to see the accomplishments of those whom have come into their own sense of power and control. Our contribution to these young lives are meaningful but may not be realized for many years into the future. Aging and older does not mean less meaningful, it simply means that our contribution points will change, the once instant gratification we experienced shifts into a delayed gratification to be realized at some point and time into the future. Remember, your life is as great as you make it, don’t allow others to frame a limited existence for your life. You each have a life changing message, a gift, a light to share in the world that will make a difference in someones career, family or career development.
Continue to grow, learn, strive and impact change in the world, you are loved, needed, respected, trusted and revered in the lives of those who may have lost the language of gratitude. Remember to reflect upon the lives you’ve impacted, reflect upon where you wanted to be in life today and ask yourself have you given up on making a difference or has the flashpoint of your contribution changed. Continue to have a reverence for life, it unfolds as the sun rises and sets each day, who’s life will you impact this day? I challenge you to start with your own, it’s the one that matters most.

Have a reverence for life…