I want to give a heartfelt shout out to the urban Youth Worker. These heros on the urban streets all over the world are true unsung heroes. I don’t want to take anything away from those who serve our country in conflicts all over the world risking lives and limbs for what we consider the right to be free. Remember these soldiers were once children under the watchful eye of a youth worker, coach, volunteer, tutor serving as father and mother figures and mentor. I’ve seen multiple instances of youth workers saving lives daily. We prevent suicides, murders, overdoses, academic failures and combat youth and teen depression on a regular basis with no thank you, no accolades, no appreciation.

I appreciate, honor and uplift these urban soldiers, the professional who make these streets a little safer, children smile a little brighter and set them off on a course of productivity and civility. We don’t always win the urban wars, we sometimes feel defeated but we march on into battle every day as though it were the last opportunity to save a life.
Hands up for youth worker lives that matter, the movement continues.
Reco 289
Peace and Blessings