Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Do we have an attitude of gratitude? or have we lost the sense of this dying social grace in our society? Is something else tainting our empathy and humility?   I just wonder! I recently received a text message not a phone call from both my son and grandson with request for resources ” yes dollars” and support. I received the same text messages last week?


As I travel to work each day, I have an attitude of gratitude to the City where I developed an amazing career in recreation after years of hustling, trying to make a living as a professional musician, part-time helper and by any means necessary.  Anytime you attempt to get paid or compensation greater than the effort or work you put in you’re a  thug, as are many politicians, corporate traders and wall street bad guys.  This applies to city council members, congressmen and women, the executive who may appear in positions of power,  but in reality  a white collar thug.    A Sunset in Hawaii is free , but it cost a lot of money to fly there to experience the free sunset, Cellular transmission is free it travels through the air however you must pay for the use of satellites and towers owned by large multinational corporations to access them.  I was once a teenager and a young father struggling to make ends meet, working three jobs and a side hustle to insure that all my nieces and nephews, son, brothers and sisters received some warm sense of Christmas through good food, gatherings and presents fro every participant.


Thanksgiving and Christmas were both symbols of appreciation and gratitude for that resonated attitudes of gratitude at-least we think they did. Many young people today expect gifts at Christmas, in fact they expect parents to spend beyond their capacity to provide them with the latest and greatest electronic gadget or toy, the hottest new northface jacket and backpack so they can look cool to their friends. We must remember to embrace an attitude of gratitude for the small things in life such as the breath, air, clean water, safe and nutritious food, friends, parents, siblings and loved ones.  The greatest gift of all is life, the greatest gratitude for life is what you do with it while alive.  We must teach youth, parents and seniors to appreciate each other and to be grateful for each other living in a spirit of Gratitude and a Positive Attitude.


Serve, Learn Grow an attitude of Gratitude…. coming to a city near you

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