Healing Centers – Training

Healing Centers – Training

A model developed in Oakland California by our team of Recreation Professionals* efforts directed by Reco Bembry, Karis Griffin, Melvin Landry with the support of Director Audree Jones-Taylor, Mayor Ron Dellums and Council in Central East and West Oakland* this effort was developed in partnership with EBACY, Youth Uprising, Attitudinal Healing, City of Oakland staff and many other community partners businesses and schools* We used – a platform for voice, leadership and service while employing the Arts, Education and Culture to share truth to power during difficult times of tension, civil unrest and community strife*

This effort continues to serve as a mobilization effort in Oakland and many other parts of the country to promote voice, leadership and service to community as we struggle with the recent decision of “not-guilty in the Trayvon Martin case* The Circle concept can be found at RJOY, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth thanks to Fania, Eric and Camisha who trained our staff to become circle keepers* May the blessings be upon you and your efforts to increase the peace through voice leadership and service*

911 call

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