Holidays Healing the Holidaze

Holidays Healing the Holidaze

During the holidays or ‘Holidaze’ as sometimes referred by retail therapist, many of us go through the pain and suffering of the memory of the past loss of life and loneliness that follows.
Lets take time to honor and respect those whom have come before us and have left the party of life on earth too soon.

Remember as you go through the holiday season, reach out to those around you, you never know who’s experiencing pain and suffering until you check in.

IDuring this holiday season let’s take time to remember the lives of those who gave their lives so that we might be free, remember those who were tragically slain by an un intentional drunk driver, an un intended bullet, heart desease, sudden anurism or killed intentionally by a controlling possessive husband wife or father.

Remember Domestic Violence, Suicide, Homicides all rise during these festive times and we may in-fact be the last voice, the last glimmer of hope the last bastion of truth for some person near us if we just open our eyes.

Remember to care for someone other than yourself this holiday season
with Love and Respect.

Reco Bembry, Bembry Consulting Services and Family

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