Art and Life

Art and Life

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art. I’ve re engaged in a artistic expression that I enjoyed as a young very altruistic man born and bread out of the sixties human, sexual and civil rights struggle, a man who experienced poverty, middle class and extreme wealth in a short period of time, a man who valued fatherhood and family as two of my greatest achievements in life, a man who dared to move to Oakland to work with citizens to reduce violence and increase delivery of services not for money but for my opportunity to give back. We all owe time, talent or treasure to pay back debt to society and community especially when we have all taken so much. Well I feel complete in my give back, so much so that I’m committed to continuing that effort for a lifetime.

Does my art tell you that? I sure was thinking it when crafted it with crayola…. never fail to play….it will make you old if you don’t….playah…

Art does imitate life or does it?Magick Carpet

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