Love Life

Love Life

100 years from now will ywe remember you? A mentor and friend once said “keep living you will understand” I didnt know what he menat at the time because he often said these hevey ebonified statements that family and friends would laugh at, but I and a few others would listen intently and wait. What he menat at that time was that you will understand the improtance of getting things done now and not waiting for tomorrow, you will understand the improtance of your life partner and committment to living life fully with them, you will undertstand that blood truly is thicker than mudd, you will understand that funerals and births will continue to happen weather youre here or not…. and you will undertand the improtance of loving life. I sat with my 99 year old Great Grandmother on labor day and aked her what was the most improtant discovery in her 99 years of life and she just sat quietly, then I asked her how might I do what she’s done to live such a full and wonderful life, you see her falculties are full she sees well wtihout glasses, she thinks very quickl, her memory is amazing and she pulled together an amazing pound cake at 11:30 PM the night before the picnic that was a cake to die for. She said the following

1.) I never drank alcohol
2.) I never smoked cigarettes
3.) hard work never hurt anyone

Three tips to help you reach 100, thank you Miss Icola

Live in Peace L.I.P.

Paton P. Spivey R.I.P

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