Family is the insulation to protect you from the cold world, family can also provide leaks in the insulation when the balance between the cross section between business and love becomes a choice. Business should never be a choice between a love of family and a want or need for money – that’s greed. I attended a family reunion in our hometown in the LA of the south. A village of farmers settled in this small town currently inhabited by 3,800 citizens. Many changes have come to this little town in Northern Louisiana but one thing remains the same. Routh Spivey purchased some 378 acres of property starting in 1897 up though 1909, his purchases started at age 24, he set this property up so that I and my offspring can always have a place to go to say for as far as we can see this is family land. That dream, promise claim will never change. Many have bought and sold held and swapped over the last 100 years however the dream and the reality will remain the same – Family will never take a second seat to business. Shout out to all family members who came to fellowship and enjoy each other, I send my love greetings and appreciation to those who continue to express a love for family.