Knotworks to Networks

Knotworks to Networks

Many of you have struggled to create collaboration but have only achieved commingling. How do you go beyond siting at the table and sharing to a true experience of partnership and leaning from what does not work to what does work. Well new ideas require new thinking, as an example invite someone to the table that you’ve never viewed as a resource, identify youth agency as leader and not cure little persons or participants, invite the mother with 5 children being raised alone in an inner city with two of the five children in wheel chairs and 2 of the five remaining reading below grade level. Imagine the strength that it takes to carry a family challenge of hat magnitude daily for the rest of your life. Imagine her as a resource in the room. Can you imagine that? Can you see true diversity.

I had the joy and pleasure of working with Brian Joyner and Mickey Fearn both of the National Park Service in a collaborative effort hosted by east bay Regional Parks to discover new ways of viewing local, regional and national parks and recreation services as a reference point for collaboration networking and innovative partnerships. This article was inspired by that work. Thank you to all the Tilden participants who inspired listened, shared and embraced a new way of doing our mutual business.

Vision -vs- Blindness

Collaborate – it works when you work it


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